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The city of Granada, one of the most beautiful in the world, is located in the south of Spain, between the highest mountain range in the Iberian peninsula (the location of the most southerly Ski and Mountain resort in Europe: Sierra Nevada) and the tropical and Mediterranean coast. Full of history, Granada has been a point of encounters, meetings and crossings of the most diverse cultures since the early ages, having reached its greatest splendour during the successive Arab reigns, which lasted for eight centuries.

Despite this pre-eminent past, Granada has become a modern, equipped and dynamic city, in which its university, the third biggest in Spain, has an important role, providing the city with a young, cultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Next to the capital, and forming part of the region of Granada, there is a chain of towns united by their history and the city of the Alhambra. Towns that share their wealth of heritage and variety of landscapes, towns that make it possible to get together and enjoy being close to the snow, the waters of the Mediterranean, the towns of the Alpujurra and the Gorafe desert.

The Alhambra since the 9th Century has been a palace, a fortress and a citadel; the residence of the Nasrid Sultans and top government officials, court servants and the royal guard.

In the 13th Century the Nasrid Kingdom became the last Islamic sultanate on the Iberian Peninsula, and its capital Granada progressively received Muslim populations forced to retreat from the Christians. The city grew with the development of new suburbs and extended its walls nearly until it was conquered at the end of the 15th century.

During these more than 5 centuries, the relationship between the Alhambra and the city was that of a Medina and its Alcazaba (fortress). In Granada, besides the Alhambra, preserved as a symbolic mythic icon, we find many surviving testimonies and buildings of the Moors period despite the unavoidable transformations that it has experienced since the Middle Ages.

It is currently an artistic-historical monumental group with four clearly distinguishable zones: the Palaces, the military zone or Alcazaba, the city or Medina, and the villa of the Generalife, all of them surrounded by woods, trees, gardens, parks and vegetable gardens.

Doubtlessly, Granada is a perfect destination that offers infinite possibilities for the organisation of conferences, conventions and business incentive trips, which will become unforgettable thanks to the environment, the professionalism of the spaces and services on offer and the warmth of the people.

Lying in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and less than an hour’s drive from the Costa Tropical, Granada combines the beauty of the old buildings of its historic centre with the services of a modern, constantly growing city. It is definitively a must-go city because:

  • The possibilities are endless
  • It is beautiful, magical and the stuff of dreams.
  • Its prices are reasonable and it offers high-quality services.
  • Its Conference Centre is in the middle of the city with hotels and lodgings for 4,000 people within walking distance.
  • Offering over 15.000 bed spaces in the city
  • Its excellent network of communications makes it simple to arrive here.
  • Granada’s relatively small size combined with its excellent infrastructure make it an ideal city to visit.
  • Its sunny, pleasant climate, culture and traditional cuisine are all an invitation to enjoyment.
  • Conference participants can relax wandering through a safe and welcoming city.
  • Its professionalism and experience in organizing events makes Granada a veritable international reference point.
  • Because of its university, hospitals, national research centres and new health-sciences technology park, the city is at the forefront of teaching and investigation.
  • Only in Granada can a visitor enjoy the Alhambra, Generalife and Albaicín, all declared Human Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Source text: Wikipedia

Source images: Ayuntamiento de Granada

Source images: Ayuntamiento de Granada and Granada Convention Bureau

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